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Posted: August 1, 2016 by Mighty Ink Staff in Cast A Day
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While we prepare for our next podcast project, catch up on episodes of Matt’s recent one, “Cast A Day 2016.”

For those who have caught up, be sure to listen to Matt’s recent guest spots on Wendi Freeman’s Double Page Spread and Tanya DePass’s Fresh Out Of Tokens (releasing August 10th).

Meanwhile, take care and STAY MIGHTY!



I am a huge American Horror Story Fan. From Murder House to Hotel, I have watched every season, every episode. I have been a ghost, a mental patient, a witch, a carnie and a guest, and loved every minute of it. I’m especially excited for Season 6, strictly because I don’t know WHAT i’m going to be this time around.

The producers of the series have released (to date) 19 teasers for the upcoming season. The kicker is only ONE of the actually represent the actual theme for the season; the rest are all eye candy for us to fill our horror bellies with until the it starts on September The anticipation continues to build with each teaser, and so does our curiosity. As always, there is tons of speculation on what the actual season is about.

While each teaser on it’s own is good, which one is the actual one? I myself, believe that there is a theme in teasers themselves; as most of them seem to be reminiscent of throwback horror films (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Rosemary’s Baby, and Children of the Corn to name a few), but only FX Execs and Ryan Murphy know the plot to the cruel, twisted joke that they continue to play on us die hard AHS fans.

Check out each trailer below, and let us know which one you think is the real one!

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It’s New Comic Day! Be sure to pick up a few of these new releases from your local or digital comic retailer!

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Title: The Backstagers #1
Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Written by: James Tynion IV
Artwork by: Rian Sygh
Rating: 4 out of 5

Starting a new school is always hard for a teenager, and Jory is no different. Feeling like an outcast at the all boys school he’s been thrust into, his mom tells him he has to join an after school activity. Jory reluctantly attempts to sign up for Drama club, where he meets the fabulous Messrs. McQueen who immediately send him out on a mission to find the stage hands. It’s there, in the backstage world, where he finds the misfits that are the Backstagers, the ragtag group of stage hands, and his real adventures in high school and Drama club begin.

We’ve all been that weirdo kid at school. Be it as a freshman or new transfer, or immersed in our very own fandom , we’ve been in that awkward stage where we don’t quite fit in just yet, and have yet to find out where we do. This issue touches on the greater issues of being different from everybody else, fitting in and standing out. James Tynion hits all those points awesomely, in a Pitch Perfect meets The Chronicles of Narnia kind of way. The artwork and color are amazing and compliment the story line in a great way, and this first issue will have you waiting “backstage” to get the next one.

You can find this, and other BOOM! Studio issues, at your local or digital comic book retailer.



It’s new comic day! Be sure to pick up a few of these new releases from your local or digital comic retailer!
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What better way to enjoy these dog days of summer than inside the air conditioning of your favorite local comic retailer grabbing a few f these new issues, or in your nice, cool home downloading them from your favorite digital comic retailer? None, I tell you! NONE! (Well, maybe with some ice cream…)

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It’s New Comic Day! Let us know which issues you’re picking up from your favorite local comic shop or digital retailer!

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It’s new comic day! Grab your issues from your favorite local or digital retailer, head to the beach and read as you soak up some sun!

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Today, Telltale Games announced that in just two weeks, we’ll be able to get our hands on the first chapter of one of the most anticipated games of the summer. Batman – The Telltale Series will be available August 2nd on PC/Mac, consoles, mobile devices… pretty much everything except your GPS.

Meanwhile, enjoy the first trailer!


Every now and then, ThinkGeek releases a piece that’s so unique, you have to stop and take notice. This bracelet not only features an image of Celestial Fireworks captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, it actually lights up. Being USB rechargeable is icing on the cake as it ensures you won’t have to deconstruct the piece to insert a tiny watch battery. The gorgeous bracelet even features an on/off switch which provides the option of deciding how much attention you want to draw during nightly Pokemon GO hunts. Best of all, it’s astronomically correct, so you don’t have to worry about being called out by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Check it out over at ThinkGeek!