Gotham “Spirit of the Goat” Review

Posted: October 30, 2014 by Lex Lutz in TV Reviews
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Gotham “(Must be the season?) Spirit of the Goat”

By Lex Lutz

Oh, Gotham. For a brief moment, I believed there was hope for you, but much like the city from which you received your namesake, there is no hope for you. Read the rest of this entry »

You said it, Jasper.

You said it, Jasper.

Today was a big one for fans of Marvel movies as they announced the films for the third phase of their expanding cinematic universe.
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PRESS RELEASE: Together for the first time! Amidst the chaos of Spider-Verse, three fan-favorite characters unite for a desperate mission into the unknown in SCARLET SPIDERS #1! And not all of them are going to make it back! From creators Mike Costa and Paco Diaz – Kaine, Ben Reilly and Ultimate Jessica Drew must unite for a deadly operation behind enemy lines. When the Spiders discover one of the technological secrets that make Morlun and his family so powerful, it’s up to the Scarlet Spiders to go deep behind enemy lines into one of the twisted realms Morlun’s family rules to shut it down. If they fail, every Spider from across the multiverse will face certain death! What horrors await them across the multiverse? Find out in November as Kaine, Ben Reilly and Ultimate Jessica Drew swing into action in SCARLET SPIDERS #1!

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Just announced today, Microsoft is offering a special $50 price drop on all Xbox One sets starting in November. This includes the newly released Sunset Overdrive bundle. Details below…

The Season of Xbox is kicking off with a special, limited-time promotional offer for Xbox One in the U.S. Today, we announced that, starting Nov. 2, Xbox One will be available starting at $349 in the U.S. The special promotional pricing of $50 off the console of your choice applies to any Xbox One console, including special edition bundles, offering some of the year’s most anticipated games – “Assassin’s Creed: Unity,” “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” and “Sunset Overdrive.” With Xbox One available at its best price yet, starting at $349, and great deals on amazing games, there’s never been a better time to own an Xbox One.

Music Monday – Fraggle Rock Theme

Posted: October 27, 2014 by Matt Peters in Music Mondays
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In honor of Gerard Parkes, Doc from Fraggle Rock. You’ll always be one of our favorite inventors.

Mondays suck. That’s why we here at Mighty Ink Comics and Entertainment vow to brighten it up a little bit by giving you something to nod your head to. Those who listen to our podcast know we have a wide range of musical tastes. Music Mondays will feature music from, inspired by, or remixed from our favorite games, comics, and other media.

Also, if you haven’t, check out the new Fraggle Rock series from BOOM! Studios.


The Flash “Things You Can’t Outrun”

By Lex Lutz

This week on The Flash, we get a smoke monster I’ve named “Powder”, an introduction to Ronnie Raymond, and some background on our supporting characters. Read the full review after the jump.
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This Saturday (10/25), stop by your local participating comic shop to grab some free Halloween themed books. You don’t even have to dress up! I mean, wear clothes, but you don’t have to don a costume unless that’s your thing. Totally fine.

Click here to find a participating shop near you, and you can snag a copy of Afterlife With Archie, Plants vs. Zombies, Resident Evil, or even a reprint of Marvel Comics #1.


The week wouldn’t be complete without another surprising announcement from the house that Andrews built. Archie Comics has announced a new hour-long drama based on Archie and friends simply titled “Riverdale.” The series will air on Fox and is being produced by Warner Bros. Show writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is no stranger to working with Fox as he was previously involved with the mega-popular “Glee.”

Kevin Keller will be making his TV debut, and other characters from the Archie-verse will pop in from time to time. Check out the full press release below, and let us know if you think there’s any chance we’ll see Predator or The Punisher show up to really shake up Archie’s world.
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Gotham “Viper” Review

Posted: October 23, 2014 by Lex Lutz in TV & Movies, TV Reviews
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Gotham “Viper” Review

By Lex Lutz

This week’s Gotham wasn’t god-awful. Are we entering uncharted territory of a show worth watching?

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Have you seen this? Yeah, you’ve seen this. Well, here it is again, and it’s in HD this time around!