It’s not a trick! It’s not a late April Fool’s day prank! We’re BACK for Episode 40 of GCPD! It’s been quite a while since our last episode, but we do our very best to make up for lost time. Not only do we do a brief rundown of stuff that we saw during our absence, but we also cover a lot of hotly anticipated movies and new content for our favorite games that we’re currently playing. (As you can tell from the title, DLC comes up… a lot)

Topics Discussed this Episode:

And oh so much more! As always, don’t forget to stick around after the show for bloopers and shenaniganary (Is that a word?) You can send us feedback and questions to It’s SO good to be back! Now hit that play button and let’s get this show on the road!

Music Featured:  SutureSelf’s “New Skin” From their album ‘Evolved
Captain Hogan’s “Memories of a Master” available on Overclocked Remix.

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It’s New Comic Day! What’s on your pull list for the week from your favorite Local or Comic Retailer? Sound off in the comments below!

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Straight from the pages of Squadron Supreme comes the most brutal super hero in the Marvel Universe in a hard-hitting new ongoing series! Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside NIGHTHAWK #1 – the new ongoing series from fan-favorite creators David Walker (Power Man And Iron Fist) and Ramon Villalobos (E is for Extinction). He is Chicago’s lethal vigilante – dispensing swift and vicious justice to those who truly deserve it. But when the city’s shadiest power brokers begin turning up dead – each murdered more gruesomely than the last – Nighthawk must ask himself the hard questions. Does this killer deserve to be caught? What does he want? More importantly, what does the killer have to do with Nighthawk? To answer those questions – Nighthawk might have to look in the mirror first. The mystery begins here! Don’t miss one minute of the bone-crunching action when NIGHTHAWK #1 comes to comic shops and digital devices this May!


Our friends over at Wargaming have been doing BIG things with their World of Tanks franchise, and the hits just keep on coming! Superstar writer Garth Ennis (Preacher, Punisher: Welcome Back Frank) teams up with artist Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dread) team up to bring “World of Tanks: Roll Out!” to life from Dark Horse Comics.

Read on for the full press release!

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Remembering Jory Prum

Posted: April 25, 2016 by Mighty Ink Staff in Gaming News, Video Games
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We’re losing far too many music greats this year. One that you may not recognize by name but surely by his work has passed on. Jory Prum has worked on such classic games as Grim Fandango, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and Knights of the Old Republic.

Prum’s passing was revealed by Double Fine’s Tim Schafer over the weekend. According to Eurogamer, he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident.

Prum recorded voice over and orchestral work for the likes of LucasArts and Double Fine. His most recent work can be heard in the remastered Grim Fandango where he teamed with another ex-LucasArts composer Peter McConnell to record a brand new orchestral score.

Jory Prum was 41. Our sincerest condolences to his fans, friends and family.


“We don’t cry because we knew him. We cry because he helped us know ourselves.” – Reggie Weaver


PRESS RELEASE: Award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios and DeVito Artworks LLC are excited to announce Kong of Skull Island, an original, limited comic book series debuting in July featuring the famous gargantuan ape, King Kong, created by Merian C. Cooper, and grounded in artist/author Joe DeVito’s ground-breaking literary property Skull Island. Kong of Skull Island is exclusively authorized and endorsed by the Cooper family as their official King Kong/Skull Island prequel and sequel origin story. BOOM!’s comic series will be written by James Asmus (All-New Inhumans) and illustrated by Carlos Magno (Planet of the Apes).

“King Kong is the progenitor of an entire section of genre fiction. It is truly an honor to be a part of that gigantic legacy,” said BOOM! Studios President of Publishing & Marketing Filip Sablik. “We’re thrilled to be working with Joe DeVito to create a comic series that is authentic to the origins of Kong.”

BOOM!’s Kong of Skull Island comic series takes place well before Carl Denham, Jack Driscoll, and the rest of the Wanderer’s crew set foot on the island. Two fractured and combative civilizations are forced to band together as they venture onto Skull Island, their new home, which they are soon horrified to realize is home to dinosaurs, giant creatures…and Kongs.

“It is exhilarating to be working with BOOM! Studios and such an astute and nuanced group of writers and artists. This fabulous Kong of Skull Island series digs deep!” said Joe DeVito.


According to an interview with Mark Stanley, vice president of internal development and diversification at GameStop, Forbes revealed that Gamestop is diving into the publishing game.

Teaming up with heavy-hitters Insomniac, and Ready At Dawn and indie darlings such as Tequila Works and Frostbyte, the company is definitely stacking the deck in their favor.

Their plan is to fund, market, and publish five to 10 independent games over the next 12 months. It’s also reported that they are in talks with over 20 companies, however their identities have not been revealed.  In January, Gamestop announced that they successfully wooed Insomniac and agreed to publish the dev’s title, Song of the Deep.  

More as this develops.


It’s New Comic Day! What’s on your pull list for the week from your favorite Local or Comic Retailer? Sound off in the comments below!

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Title: Dime: A Choose Your Own Destiny Mystery Review
Publisher: Arion Digital Media Group
Written by: Alverne Ball
Artwork by: Alfa Robbi
Rating: 4 out of 5

I’ve always been a big fan of Choose Your Own Adventure Books; I can still boast my Jem and The Holograms ones from grammar school. So imagine my surprise when I meet Alverne from Arion Digital Media Group, and he presents me with Dime: A Choose Your Own Destiny Mystery.

The story is about Eddie Puss, a Private Investigator who’s always chasing the next “dime”. The graphic novel lets you choose between two cases: Case A, to help Mrs. Harrington find out who killed her husband, or Case B, to help neighborhood Pimp Jimmy Mac find is missing… employee. The cases are both intertwined – and as the title states – you get to choose your own mystery.

I loved this graphic novel! As a big fan of mystery and the old Choose Your Own Adventure Books, this was something that I found unique and intriguing in a graphic novel. Done in black and white as an ode to the writer’s love of old Noir movies and tv shows, the artwork is great and clear, very detailed and cleanly drawn. It’s hard to tell you about the story, however; strictly because you make it your own. I’ve gone down several paths, died twice, and gone back and started over and have enjoyed each path. As an independent publisher, this was a great route to go, and I look forward to reading more from them!

You can find this, and other Arion DMG publications on their website.


This is certainly a surprise!

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Star Fox Zero for Wii U on April 22, join Nintendo for the live-streamed world premiere of the Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins animated short on April 20 at 3 p.m. PT. This special broadcast can be viewed live all around the world at

Produced in collaboration with Shigeru Miyamoto, Production I.G. and WIT Studio, Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins stars the beloved characters from Star Fox Zero.

Immediately following the animated short will be a special Nintendo Treehouse: Live featuring Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard.