It’s new comic day! Grab your issues from your favorite local or digital retailer, head to the beach and read as you soak up some sun!

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Today, Telltale Games announced that in just two weeks, we’ll be able to get our hands on the first chapter of one of the most anticipated games of the summer. Batman – The Telltale Series will be available August 2nd on PC/Mac, consoles, mobile devices… pretty much everything except your GPS.

Meanwhile, enjoy the first trailer!


Every now and then, ThinkGeek releases a piece that’s so unique, you have to stop and take notice. This bracelet not only features an image of Celestial Fireworks captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, it actually lights up. Being USB rechargeable is icing on the cake as it ensures you won’t have to deconstruct the piece to insert a tiny watch battery. The gorgeous bracelet even features an on/off switch which provides the option of deciding how much attention you want to draw during nightly Pokemon GO hunts. Best of all, it’s astronomically correct, so you don’t have to worry about being called out by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Check it out over at ThinkGeek!


It’s summer! You should be out enjoying the weather, playing in the sun. Swimming, fishing, drinking… whatever it is you people do in the summer. I wouldn’t know. I’m gonna be too busy in the comfort of my living room playing my games.

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It’s a pretty rainy New Comic Book Day here in Chicago, so it’s perfect weather to curl up with your new issues from your fave local or digital retailer!

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George Martin is passionate about helping the young, homeless population with a focus on the LGBTQ community here in Chicago. He diligently works with the Night Ministry to clothe and feed them and recently drafted Matt to help entertain them. Listen in as George and Matt talk about the important services the Night Ministry provides.

You can support Night Ministry with no cost to you by just shopping through Amazon Smile. Click here to find out how the Amazon Smile program works. 

If you buy games and books through Humble Bundle, you can also pick Night Ministry from their available charity list. Click here to learn more about Humble Bundle. 

Also, this is it, folks! The final Cast A Day for 2016. What’s next? Listen in and find out…


Alejandro Rosado is going places and he’s doing it through his art. Bringing a genuine air of positivity and brotherhood (along with his signature lid) to any Artists’ Alley he’s part of, Alejandro never hesitates to assist his fellow creators. He took time out to speak to Matt about his start in comics, his passion for teaching, and his creative style.

Be sure to check out Alejandro’s art at!


As you recover from your Mac n’ Cheetos fueled indigestion from yesterday’s Resnackulous Tuesday Cast A Day, be sure to have someone grab you one of these issues from your local comic shop, or download them from your favorite digital retailer, as you pop those antacids and drink that ginger ale.

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Just three episodes left! On today’s show, Matt talks to Steve Ferkau about his work with Chicago’s Respiratory Health Association, his annual participation in the Hustle Up The Hancock event, and what makes his team Kari’s Klimbers so special. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a Resnackulous Tuesday episode without some treat talk. Steve dishes on his favorite donut spots around Chicago.

For more about Steve’s inspirational story, and to find out how you can support his climb and the Respiratory Health Association, click here.

Before that, Matt joins forces with Aaron J. Amendola (Geek Show, VStheUniverse) and John Craig (Spider-Man historian) to tackle Burger King’s new Mac n’ Cheetos! This could get interesting…

Check out the spread here!


Your Resnackunauts…

Original photo by The Dancer's Eye

Original photo by The Dancer’s Eye

Dawn Xiana Moon’s many talents have taken her all over the world. Thankfully, she’s decided to call Chicago her home. Matt caught up with Dawn to discuss Raks Geek, cosplay, her music, and much more!