For the longest time, it seemed that video arcades were becoming a thing of legend. A myth. Fortunately for Chicago, the fine folks at HQ Beercade laugh in the face of extinction! They’ve teamed up with the power of alcoholic beverages to bring you the most radical arcade to ever exist. The power of their awesomeness was so intense, they literally absorbed the retail space next door to add a multitude of pinball machines. Work on your high score while classic WWE matches and Japanese gameshows grace the screens around you. Do you have what it takes to become a pinball god?

We’re giving attendees of Core/Demo an opportunity to win a golden ticket to paradise in our raffle. The staff was kind enough to donate a $50 gift card to enhance your enjoyment, but even if you don’t win, hitch a ride with the person who does anyway. Headquarters Beercade is located at 2833 N Sheffield Ave where the games are set on free-to-play, the beer is cold, and they have freakin’ X-MEN PINBALL! 

For more about CORE/DEMO and how you can be a part of it, click here!

Title: All New Archie: # 1Archie2015_01-0
Publisher: Archie Comics
Written By: Mark Waid
Illustrated by: Fiona Staples
Cover Art: Fiona Staples
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Review: Dolores Peters

Archie has been revamped…again…but fear not! It is a retelling of the origins of the Archie, Betty and Veronica relationship (which if you have ever read the original Archie #1 from Pep Comics, you KNOW the origins were in desperate need of a clean-up) and the overall reintroduction of the Riverdale gang.

The revamping consists of the talented writing style of Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Superman: Birthright) and the innovative and highly recognizable art stylings of Fiona Staples (Saga). This team up pumps fresh blood into the Archie Comics franchise by updating the characters’ styles, their language and their overall attitudes towards everyday situations. There are also times where Archie himself breaks through the 3rd wall and acknowledges the readers. Both the art style and the writing do well in appealing to millennials and younger, prospective readers while the subject matter (or so it seems for the first issue) stays in the same classic Archie Comics vein of teenage anxiety, hopeful expectations of the future and the utter importance of establishing and maintaining teenage friendships and love for the lifelong, die-hards.

I chose to give this 4 out of 5 stars because I like this first issue, but I do not believe that this will be the best piece of storytelling in the rebooted Archie Comics series. I feel like the first issue was definitely a “safe” one. It was appropriately introductory and kept my interest by establishing a moderate tempo without getting out of hand with long winded backstory. This kind of writing is what’s absolutely necessary for my generation of readers (those who grew up reading huge, complex and highly detailed works like Sandman, Maus, and The Watchmen but have converted to giving most entertainment based reading the once over) and younger comic book fans who have mastered the usefulness of speed reading and soak up storyline details like sponges. I feel like we will see some real balance between what old Archie comic fans have come to expect from the Riverdale gang with subtle social updates that will make for a more interesting read. I’m looking forward to seeing great things done to this franchise.

Marvel Announces Ongoing Teenage Spidey Title

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PRESS RELEASE: Today, he’s the world’s greatest super hero. But long before he swung from rooftops as the Amazing Spider-Man, he was just a spider-powered teenager who knew that “with great power must also come great responsibility.” Today, Marvel is pleased to announce SPIDEY #1 – a brand-new ongoing series launching as part of All-New, All-Different Marvel! Follow the adventures of teenaged Peter Parker in a new series set within continuity from rising star writer Robbie Thompson (TV’sSupernatural, Silk) and blockbuster Marvel Young Gun artist Nick Bradshaw (Wolverine and the X-Men,Guardians of the Galaxy)!

“Everyone remembers their FIRST Spider-Man comic,” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “SPIDEY aims to be perfect as someone’s first Spider-Man comic, or their one thousandth. We’re not looking to re-tell stories here. What Robbie [Thompson] and Nick [Bradshaw] have put together is an exciting new take on Spider-Man at his arguably most iconic incarnation, and will feel fresh to new and old fans alike.”

Class is in session as two of the hottest creators in comics take Peter back to school for a classic and iconic take on the Spider-Man mythology. Familiar faces and new characters populate Peter Parker’s world as he balances his double life as a high school student and the high-flying, web-swinging new hero Spider-Man!

“Out of the 700+ issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN” shares Spider-Man Editor Nick Lowe, “Peter Parker was only in high school for thirty issues! Stan and Steve covered a lot, but there’s a lot of the high school and early super hero experience still on the table.”

Iconic villains, a classic supporting cast, the ol’ Parker Luck and more are back! Don’t miss one moment of these bombastic new adventures as Thompson and Bradshaw create a legend of their own when SPIDEY #1comes to comic shops later this year!


Art & Cover by NICK BRADSHAW
On Sale This Fall!


In a press release sent our way this morning, 2K has revealed that The Terminator will be playable in the soon to be released WWE 2K16. No, not Arnold Schwarzenegger… The Terminator. Available exclusively as a pre-order incentive, Arnold and the WWE Superstars had some fun with the announcement trailer.  Check it out below, and the full press release after the break.

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Music Monday – “Tank” from Cowboy Bebop

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Joss Whedon’s oft-discussed deleted scenes from Avengers: Age of Ultron will be in your face very soon! Marvel and Disney announced today that the film will be available through the usual digital platforms on September 8th followed by the Blu-ray release on October 2nd. In addition to deleted scenes, confirmed features include a gag reel and audio commentary. Oh, and there’s a pretty sweet, action-packed movie on the disc as well.


Press Release: Starting today, veteran gamers and newcomers alike can pre-order a copy of Rare Replay on Xbox.com or directly from the Xbox dashboard. Releasing this summer as part of the greatest games lineup in Xbox history, Rare Replay is one of the most anticipated collection of games exclusively on Xbox One.

Iconic adventures, such as brawling with the Battletoads or grabbing Jiggies with Banjo and Kazooie, are just a handful of gaming moments Rare released over the last few decades – and 30 of its memorable games will be playable in Rare Replay.

See how many characters you recognize in the new Rare Replay video and check out the full list of games included on Xbox.com.

Longtime fans who have dedicated time to the Xbox 360 titles will be able to take existing saved progress and achievements tied to their profile and carry everything over onto Xbox One. From there, they can begin earning points on games with no previous gamerscore and unlock additional exclusive features and interviews.

Whether or not you’re familiar with Rare’s adventures, eager players can look forward to Rare Replay’s all-new snapshot challenges, exclusive bonus features, and 10,000 gamerscore when the game releases on August 4.

That’s 30 years of Rare Ltd. celebrating a collection of 30 games for $29.99 US (€29.99 / £19.99 / $49.95 AU) exclusively on Xbox One starting August 4.

via twitter.com/NintendoEurope/

via twitter.com/NintendoEurope/

The 8-bit Mario amiibo will be available in two variations, the first of which will arrive in Europe on Sept. 11 to coincide with the release of Super Mario Maker, and the second will arrive on Oct. 23

The announcement was made on the Twitter page of Nintendo Europe, which revealed two versions of the statue. The first statue mimics the color scheme of Mario’s character model in “Super Mario Bros.” while the second uses the traditional red and blue that most people seem to associate Mario with and how he’s appeared in more recent games.

Super Mario Maker – coming to Nintendo Wii U – will allow users to create and upload their own levels for other players to try, as well as show off their creativity. In addition, the game will launch with 3 packs totaling 100 levels for your gaming pleasure.

No word yet on when they are being released in the US, but when they are you better grab one fast – with the rising popularity of amiibo, they are sure to fly off the shelves!

Power Up #1 (BOOM! Box)

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Title: Power Up #1
Publisher: BOOM! Box (a division of BOOM! Studios)
Written by: Kate Leth
Artwork by: Matt Cumming
Rating: 4 out of 5

A prophecy foretold of 4 warriors of great strength and abilities would be presented to the world at a specific cosmic alignment: Aimee is a 20 year old dreamer who works at a pet store, Kevin is a athlete former turned construction worker, Sandy is a housewife and mom of 2, and Silas is… a goldfish.

Yeah… Somehow, someway, we are sure this prophecy was translated wrong somewhere.

This comic was great from cover to cover. From the bright, vibrant artwork to the colorful characters, I thoroughly enjoyed it all. In all the comics where a prophecy has gone wrong, this one has managed to make it go hysterically right.

You can find this, and other BOOM! Studio issues, at your local and digital comic retailer.


Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde #1 – Marvel Comics

It’s NEW comic day once again! What do you plan to pick up from your favorite spot today? Check out the full list of releases right here each week!
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