Inconceivable! A Princess Bride card game!

Kellie Meehan of The Lollipop Geek Podcast (and fellow Princess Bride Superfan) tells us all about the new card game! Prepare to read!

With the surge in popularity of party card games, it was only a matter of time for movie specific games to join the table. I personally have been a huge Princess Bride fan since childhood; so when I discovered that Powered by Game Salute came out with “The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die!” card game, I had to have it.

The actual game play of “Prepare to Die!” is similar in format to card game favorites “Apples to Apples” and “Cards Against Humanity” where everyone is dealt a certain number of cards and take turns judging rounds. In “Prepare to Die!” there are two different types of cards to play with: the “Hello My Name Is…” cards and the “You…Prepare to Die!” cards. The goal, of course, is to create the most entertaining combination each round. A totally awesome example being: “Hello My Name is Princess Zelda…You Shaved My Alpaca, Prepare to Die!” One of the things that “Prepare To Die!” does that the other card games don’t is that it offers three different ways you can go about playing the game; this allows for either quicker or longer games based on what your group would prefer- which is a nice option to have.

A majority of the cards provided can be described as good clean fun which is just fine. At times there are opportunities to create rather clever, and possibly suggestive, play on words. Yet have no fear – you haven’t lost the battle of wits against Vizzini. There are a number of blank cards that come with the game for you to fill in (cue maniacal laughter)! So it is up to you if some more adult cards get added to the deck. Either way this game does elicit a lot of laughs based on the crazy combos that people can put together. Though there is a slight con about this game: People who may have never seen the movie (or aren’t fans of it) may not get certain references from the movie, and this game is riddled with them.

Overall I give this game a good rating, but it does need to be said that fans would be the ones to have the most fun with it. People who are unfamiliar may find themselves more confused rather than amused. So if you do feel like this game is up your alley – go give that five fingered man some hell – tell him that Inigo Montoya sent you.

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