Mega Man, Super Fighting Robot, Headed To TV


Man of Action, the creators of Ben 10, have teamed up with Capcom to write and executive produce a new series based on Mega Man. Joe Casey, Joe Kelly (writer of the BEST version of Deadpool), Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle plan to have the series going by 2017, just in time for the character’s 30th anniversary.

Fans of the Blue Bomber will remember that this is not his first foray onto the small screen. In 1989, a not yet fully fleshed out version of the character was part of The N-Team featured on NBC’s “Captain N: The Game Master” Saturday morning cartoon. A more faithful adaptation was done in 1993 as a short lived anime series called “Mega Man: Upon A Star.” In 1994, he had his own American cartoon that lasted two seasons and even saw him teaming up with his future iteration, Mega Man X.

Source:  The Hollywood Reporter

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