Jonesy #1 Review (Boom! Box)


Title: Jonesy #1
Publisher: BOOM! Box, a division of Boom Studios
Written by: Sam Humphries & Caitlin Rose Boyle
Artwork by: Caitlin Rose Boyle, Mickey Quinn (Colors)
Rating: 4 out of 5

Jonesy is a pretty dope kids – she loves anime, her pet ferret, her Dad’s donut shop and her crush. The only thing she hates is her newly acquired superpower of being able to make people fall in love with other people. She only hates it because she can’t use it on herself! But when she finds a way to help out a few friends, she thinks maybe it isn’t so bad.

I. LOVE. THIS. COMIC. The colors are the first thing that jumps out to me. It’s such a bright, vivid issue and has a variant covers by Brian Lee O’Malley & Jason Fischer! The story line is pretty good as well. The first issue introduces us to Jonesy, who’s your typical werido teenager who just happens to be able to make people fall in love with other people (or things), but she can’t use the power on herself. She watches anime, hates the “cool” clique at school and has her crush. I think that a lot of people can relate to her; I know I sure can. When jealousy strikes at school, she uses her power, with the naturally hilariously disastrous results. This series is definitely going in my “favorites” category!

As a bonus, you’re also treated to a preview of Goldie Vance, a new series due out in April 2016 written by Hope Larson and Illustrated by Brittney Williams! I enjoyed the preview as much as the main comic, and you can be sure I’ll be reviewing it as soon as it hits the stands.

As always, you can find this and other Boom Studio comics, at your local and digital comic retailer.

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