The Flash “Escape From Earth 2″ Review


The Flash “Escape From Earth 2” Review

By Lex Lutz

This week on “The Flash”, we wrap up our Earth 2 journey, we meet a mysterious figure, and death comes to Star City.

Earth 2

In part two of our venture to Earth 2, Barry has been kidnapped by Zoom and is being held prisoner at the top of the highest tower. It’s up to E2 Barry, E2 Iris, Cisco, and Wells to save Barry (and Jesse in the process).

E2 Barry/Grant Gustin steals the show this week by transforming into a character that is fundamentally different in just about every way from our Barry, and Gustin pulls off his performance perfectly. He’s the right amount of timid with a courageous side that kicks in when the people he loves are in danger. He also wears wingtips, which is always a nice bonus. E2 Barry comes across as a bit of a baby (maybe having a mom makes him a mama’s boy? Too soon?) but in the end he finds the courage to bring out the hero in E1 Barry. Still not as cool of a superpower as being the fastest man alive, but inspiring heroes isn’t all things considered.


The Prisoner

While spending time in Zoom’s jail with Jesse, Barry meets a mysterious masked figure that cannot speak. Barry figures out in no time that the prisoner is using a WWII P.O.W code to attempt to communicate. Why Barry knows how to read a WWII P.O.W code is beyond me, but in the end the figure spells the name “Jay”. This seems to be more proof that some version Jay Garrick is Zoom, but I’m not completely buying into that theory just yet, mostly because the prospect of another speedster they trusted being Zoom sounds disappointing.

Ultimately Team Flash can’t take the prisoner with them and our questions have to go unanswered for yet another week.

The Team Returns

After rebooting the system like it’s a freaking Macbook, Team Flash is able to return through the breach, but not without a sacrifice. Wells, his daughter Jesse, Cisco, and Barry return with ease, but the breach isn’t closed fast enough to stop Zoom from grabbing Jay like the shark grabbed Samuel L Jackson in Deep Blue Sea.

Guess they don’t have Deep Blue Sea on Earth 2.

Everyone I Love Dies: The Caitlin Snow Story 

Caitlin Snow can’t catch a damn break in any world, can she? E2 Caitlin/Killer Frost loses Deathstorm, E1 Caitlin loses Ronnie and now Jay… She literally came up with a potential cure for Jay only to watch him die (or be taken?) moments later. I’m now sure a gypsy woman cursed that Caitlin.



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