Arrow “Code of Silence” Review

Meet the Wrecking Crew... err, Demolition!

Meet the Wrecking Crew… err, Demolition!

Arrow “Code of Silence” Review

By Lex Lutz

This week on “Arrow” we see the true evil of Damien Darhk, Thea learns a secret about her brother, and Curtis does something Terrific.

Darhk Vader

Damien Darhk is without a doubt one of the vilest villains Team Arrow has faced yet, but as we learn more about this character, it’s interesting to note that his true evil seems to come from the people surrounding him. Between his wife Ruve Adams making a bid for Mayor of Star City to his new assistance in the destruction of the Green Arrow from Malcolm Merlyn, Darhk is proving to be an adversary that’s only as strong as the figures around him. Unfortunately for Oliver and the rest of the team, his partners in crime are proving themselves to be capable of things we may have never dreamed they would do before.

After the loss of his hand and the destruction of the League of Assassin’s by Nyssa’s hand, Malcolm Merlyn is hell bent on revenge. He’s using his omniscient powers achieved from his time as Ra’s al Ghul to bring down Oliver Queen through the ones he loves. He offers up Oliver’s son, William, as a sacrifice to gain entry into H.I.V.E and presumably the trust of Darhk. Merlyn has returned to wickedness with a vengeance, and it’s harder to imagine his eventual destruction due to this unforgivable sin. Merlyn is an integral character to the show, towing the line between villain and occasional assistant hero (when Thea is involved) for some time. At the end of the day, Malcolm made a choice to cross this line to destroy Oliver, and there’s no coming back from that. Thea will never forgive him for this, and Oliver will kill him.


All Things Shall Be Revealed (In Time)

While investigating any potential dirt on Oliver, Thea ends up discovering the truth about William. When she finds out, she does the exact opposite of what a normal person would do: she tells Oliver it’s not wrong to lie to Felicity. I can understand why she would think such a thing. The Queens clearly raised their children in a household of deception all the while claiming it was for the better (such as hiding Thea’s parentage). In this case, Thea says Oliver is keeping a promise, not lying, and in doing so is protecting his son. While I continue to respect hiding William’s identity from the public and from William himself until he is old enough to understand, I maintain that it’s a mistake to hide anything from Felicity. It’s only a matter of time before this lie destroys them.



They’re still on the quest for the Holy Grail or something.


You’re Terrific

Throughout the episode, while dealing with Felicity’s mom’s break up with Detective Lance, she is also planning an engagement party. And she got a champagne tower so you know that party is going to be classy as shit. As he watches Lance and Felicity’s mom struggle with deception in their relationship, Oliver reflects on his own deception and inevitably does nothing about it. He’s in the “couple that everyone believes in”, the couple with no secrets, so why would he screw that up?

Curtis Holt and his husband come to the party bearing a very tiny but powerful gift for Felicity. As predicted, it a way for Felicity to learn to walk again via nanotechnology, making this arc Felicity has gone through feel rushed.


Rating: 3/5 Arrows


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