Time With My Tribe (C2E2 2016)


This morning I was talking to my brother about the desire to fit in and find a place where you belong. The conversation was sparked by my desire to start a bowling team called “Bowl For Souls” (as my brother is a pastor), and it got me thinking about that core human desire to find your people, or rather your tribe.

Something strange happens when you go to a concert or a ball game. Everyone is there because they’re looking for something. They’re looking for  another set of souls that are akin to them because something about finding our own people makes us feel safe. There’s a warmth in being surrounded by people that know the batting average for the shortstop or every single lyric to your favorite album. It gives you a sense of belonging.

My experience this past weekend at C2E2 was such an experience for me. In the sea of cosplaying Deadpools, little kids dressed as Stormtroopers, aisles of geeky gear, and rows of artists displaying their fandom love through their work, I felt at home. I have never been one to hide my geekdom like it was something shameful, but it was nice to walk into a place and have someone know my t-shirt was in fact the symbol for the Looking Glass station from LOST. I met so many kind people that were just there for the same reasons as I was: to feel as though they could be themselves, to feel like they belonged.

My enjoyment of the show was in large part due to the well planned event. Chaos and poor security (as I have experienced at other events) are both things that make me anxious, but at C2E2 I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I felt safe among my tribe and I had a hell of a time.

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