Arrow “Broken Hearts” Review


Arrow “Broken Hearts” Review

By Lex Lutz

How do you recover from the awkwardness of your fiancé learning to walk just so she can leave you? We’ll find out in “Broken Hearts”!

Going To The Chapel

After the return of the psychotic Cupid, Oliver and Felicity are put in a position where they must face their broken relationship and the love they still share for one another. For Olicity fans, this episode is the equivalent of a Band-Aid slowly being ripped off of sunburned skin. It’s bad enough that we had to see Felicity miraculous walk only to bail on Oliver (granted, she had valid reasons), but now we have to watch them fall apart for 45 minutes of agony. To pour salt in the wound, the writers set us up a nice little chapel and wedding ceremony to trap Cupid, giving us a glimpse into how much these characters love each other before returning to their state of ruins.

In the end, Oliver loses both Felicity and Overwatch, and Felicity loses the job that pulled her back to Star City in the first place. The trust between these two has been broken, and though it’s not completely hopeless as the episode makes it clear there’s still love between them, it feels like a wound that won’t heal very soon.

Excuse me for a second, I need to go weep from the sadness of recounting this heart-wrenching saga for a minute…

Darhkness Falls

After being arrested for kidnapping, Damien Darhk seemed like a problem of the past. Just kidding. You know we’re not even close to being done with this psychopath.

In order to keep Darhk from being released due to minimal evidence, Papa Lance steps up to the stand and testifies against Darhk, endangering his own career and possibly life in the process. Lance returns to his strong moral center in the public eye and it’s seemingly as much of a relief to the character as it is for the viewers. His testimony is what ensures Darhk will be tried and not granted bail, but it also seems to put a target on the Lances as respective star witness and lead attorney against Darhk.

The episode ends with a creepy image of Darhk pulling a wedding ring out of his mouth in a jail cell and placing it on his finger before smiling to the camera. Could this be a hint that his wife is going to be participating further in his games soon? One thing is for sure: this couple cannot be underestimated.



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