The Mystery that is AHS Season 6



I am a huge American Horror Story Fan. From Murder House to Hotel, I have watched every season, every episode. I have been a ghost, a mental patient, a witch, a carnie and a guest, and loved every minute of it. I’m especially excited for Season 6, strictly because I don’t know WHAT i’m going to be this time around.

The producers of the series have released (to date) 19 teasers for the upcoming season. The kicker is only ONE of the actually represent the actual theme for the season; the rest are all eye candy for us to fill our horror bellies with until the it starts on September The anticipation continues to build with each teaser, and so does our curiosity. As always, there is tons of speculation on what the actual season is about.

While each teaser on it’s own is good, which one is the actual one? I myself, believe that there is a theme in teasers themselves; as most of them seem to be reminiscent of throwback horror films (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Rosemary’s Baby, and Children of the Corn to name a few), but only FX Execs and Ryan Murphy know the plot to the cruel, twisted joke that they continue to play on us die hard AHS fans.

Check out each trailer below, and let us know which one you think is the real one!

What’s cooking
Sunset Stroll
Post Op
Milli Crossing
The Mist
Wind Chimes
The Shadow
Hang Tight
Camp Sight
Blind Date
The Harvest
The Visitors
Self Preservation
Full Teaser #18
Bite Sized

American Horror Story Season 6 Airs on FX Networks on September 14. Teasers courtesy of AHS World on YouTube.

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