Review: Vampirella #1

Vampi201701CovATanTitle: Vampirella (Vol. 4) #1
Publisher: Dynamite
Written by: Paul Cornell
Artwork by: Jimmy Broxton
Cover by: Philip Tan
Rating: 4 out of 5

After a sleep of over a thousand years, Vampirella finds herself back among the land of the living, but in a world far different than the one she remembers, where hope is laced with fear and blood has a far different taste. And speaking of taste, finding an appropriate outfit for the era leads our fanged fatale to a chance encounter that will garner her not one but two potential allies.

Vampirella has a long and storied history in the comic world, and has been a constant on store shelves and in principal’s office desks since 1969. What I love about this new concept is that it’s not a reboot of the character. All previous iterations, including 2016′s 6-issue run by Kate Leth and Eman Casallos, are part of this version’s lore.

That’s spelled out in the previous issue (#0) and looks to be a substantial part of the mystery readers will have to solve along the way. It’s not all back story as Cornell throws us right into the action. There are some moments that he’s crafted that will have you covering your mouth as you read. Vampirella’s running commentary at the bottom of each page expertly serves to fill in the blanks of her inner monologue.

A special treat of note is the cover by Philip Tan. It has a very Vampire Hunter D / Devil May Cry vibe to it, and I hope he remains on the book throughout its run. The interiors by Jimmy Broxton are much grittier, but that definitely fits with Vampirella’s new surroundings. With more hidden phalluses than an episode of Rick & Morty, it’s not for the little ones. Much gore is contained within these pages as well, and it is beautiful.

It’s fun, sexy, gory, and if that’s your thing, it’s the perfect jumping on point.

You can find this, and other Dynamite books, at your local and digital retailer.

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