The Raw Deal – 4/12/17


Awwwww, wrestling fans! Don’t you dare be sowah! We’re late with this week, but I’ve got tons of news for you to READ in your BROWSAAAAAAAAH! It’s the Raw Deal, yes it is!



After a lively Raw and Smackdown, the landscape of the WWE has changed drastically once again. New rivals and allies alike are already taking shape, and we’re in for some exciting matches. Of note, the issue of champions moving from one show to another has been addressed. At the upcoming Payback PPV, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho will have a rematch of their Wrestlemania bout. The winner not only gets the US Title, but also moves to Smackdown along with the belt. There’s some type of Timecop logic at play where two midcard belts can’t exist on the same show, or something.

The following Superstars switched from Raw to SmackDown LIVE during the second night of the Superstar Shake-up:

Additionally, the following Superstars switched from SmackDown LIVE to Raw during the first night of the Superstar Shake-up:


The New Day walking to the ring for their match against The Revival was an odd sight. Yes, even odd for The New Day. Instead of Kofi, Xavier was peddling the ice cream cart with Big E carrying what looked like an inflatable, brown doll wearing a black mop to the ring. Turns out Kofi Kingston has had his ankle broken by The Revival. Unknown at the time was if this was just part of the show or something more. Kofi posted the above pic on Instagram, so it looks like he’s really out for a bit. Here’s wishing Kofi a speedy recovery while his boys hold it down.

2017-04-12 (1)

Monday night, fans noticed what seemed to be a wedding band on Dean Ambrose’s finger during his segment with John Cena The Miz and Nikki Bella Maurice Maryse. Others may have noticed a ring on Renee Young’s finger during Talking Smack. Then, Kevin Owens straight up let the cat out of the bag when he congratulated Renee on the show. She acted confused at the time, but took to Twitter this morning to officially announce her new status (above). Congratulations to the happy couple. Here’s hoping that the more… passionate… members of the WWE Universe respect these two newlyweds appropriately.

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you down the road! For more wrestling goodness, check out my friends over at the Not Your Demographic podcast!

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