Gift Guide: Lexmas Edition


Here we are again! The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (unless you don’t know what to get that special someone in your life). The team here at Mighty Ink has decided to give you some helpful suggestions. This time around, Lex Lutz shares what she’d like to see under the tree.

For the Geek Who Reads

Earlier this year I decided to embark on a journey through Jim Henson’s life. For some time I had seen the biography by Brian Jay Jones sitting on a shelf at the bookstore, a bearded Henson sitting on the cover with Kermit on his shoulder, and found myself intrigued by what his life was like. I knew very little about Henson going into the book, merely that puppetry was his life’s passion, and that his creations defined the childhood of multiple generations (a legacy that continues to this day). Jones’ take on Henson is honest and beautifully written. So if you have a person in your life who loves creating and want to help inspire them, give them a copy of this book. And maybe some tissues, because things get rough near the end.

Jim Henson: A Biography by Brian Jay Jones

For the Geek Who Writes

I have always loved writing things out longhand. When I was a kid in school, starting around the 6th grade, I used to carry an extra journal with me so I could write during the off times. I used pen and paper to figure out how to write short stories, screenplays, articles, and basically everything else under the sun over the years. Writing is a lost art, in my opinion. Too many people get caught up in worrying about how their handwriting looks or other self conscious nonsense, and they’re missing out. My nieces and nephew love getting handwritten cards and letters, despite being young enough to not know what a phone book is. (Seriously. I talked about those guys who used to rip up phone books to my nephew and he just squinted his eyes in confusion at me. I swallowed hard and then asked the horrid question, “Do you know what a phone book is?”. He replied, “Is it a book made of phones?”. Then I realized I was officially ancient and died inside.)

If you have someone in your life who loves to write, encourage them to return to the longhand format by picking them up a journal and fountain pen. Fountain pens are the best. They’re cool, fun to use, and are great for long writing sessions!

Note: While you can buy these products on Amazon, I recommend Goulet Pens. Their customer service is amazing, they are a small business you can support, and there’s no concern that the pen will be counterfeit

Lamy Fountain Pen and Journal Set

For the Geek Who Loves Sci-Fi

If there is someone in your life who has not seen Westworld, for the love of god please buy them the box set for Christmas. They need it.

I’ve seen it.

But it doesn’t look like anything to me.

Westworld Season One Box Set

For the Geek Who Games

Oh boy. I picked up a Nintendo Switch a few weeks back when Mario Odyssey was released, and boy has it paid off. The system is phenomenal, as is Mario Odyssey, but I have been consumed with Zelda. Odyssey is a close second, but Breath of the Wild is my game of the year, hands down. You will lose hours doing everything from intricate puzzles to chicken catching side quests. The world is massive, the graphics are gorgeous, and the story is very good (full disclosure: I’m still playing the main game and haven’t beat it, but I absolutely recommend the game anyway!)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 

For the Feminist Geek 

It’s so difficult to pick a charity to donate to over this holiday season because there are just so many worthy causes, but for me Emily’s List holds a special place in my heart and is frankly incredibly important for the future of women in America. EL helps women run for office. We are half of the population but grossly underrepresented in American politics, and so it’s important that we get representation on every level. We need women in office. Emily’s List is trying to make that a reality.

Help support women running for office


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