Gift Guide: Jōnseason’s Greetings Edition


Jonsey’s back with her picks to make sure you have a Mighty Merry Christmas! Take a look!

1. Movie Pass
For the cinephile in your life, I recommend Movie Pass. I’m still new to the service myself, but for $9.95 a month you get to see a movie a day through the service. I haven’t found a theater here in Chicago that doesn’t take it yet. They offer gift cards in 3, 6 and 12 month increments.

2. Star Wars Kitchen Helpers
For the Star Wars fan who also happens to love cooking or baking, I’m in love with these two kitchen accessories. R2D2 breaks down to a set of 4 measuring cups and 5 measuring spoons while BB8 will make sure you don’t forget what you just put in the oven. 

3. Best Reading Light Ever
I picked this one for the retro gamers because admittedly I saw it and wanted it instantly. Super Mario Bros has always been one of my favorite games of all time, specifically Super Mario Bros 3. It’s currently available for pre-order and doesn’t have a concrete release date other than mid-December, but I can’t wait for this to come out.

4. For the table top gaming enthusiast
I’ve been eyeing dice towers for a while, especially after biffing saving throws several times in a row. I have friends who use them and love them. This company in California makes beautiful wood dice towers in some really cool designs.

5. PAWS Chicago
Pets Are Worth Saving (PAWS) Chicago was founded in 1997 in the wake of a Chicago Sun-Times article exposing that in Chicago alone 40,000 homeless pets were euthanized that year by the city pound and private shelters. Since then PAWS has grown to include a medical center that offers free spaying/neutering services for families on public assistance, 2 no-cage, no-kill adoption centers and a training /foster center. Their mission is to create no-kill communities across the country, starting with a no-kill Chicago. I have adopted 3 cats from them and they are wonderful to work with.

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