Gift Guide: Dee’s Are A Few Of My Favorite Things Edition


Dee gives her take on some good, alternative presents for your giftee. Take a gander!

1. King Spa Gift Certificate

I take being pampered pretty seriously because I rarely get the opportunity. If you’re from the chicago area, check out King Spa. If not, choose your favorite spa of choice. This place can make the body feel celestial while keeping the prices quite terrestrial. Plus, they have a movie theater and a Korean-themed food court! Nothing else needed.

2. Audible Subscription

I love to read books but I don’t have the time to REALLY focus on really long page-turners anymore. Seeing as how I’m a Stephen King fan, I totally play myself when I say, “I’m totally going to read IT because the film was phenomenal”… knowing full well I’ll probably get time to read it after I retire from working in the year 2048. Don’t be like the old me. Be like the new “oooh-I’m-listening-to-Stephen-King-books-on-my-drive-to-work-and-my-drive-back-home me.” SHE’S the smart one!

3. Blue Apron

Cooking is a new passion of mine and this has helped me to delve into it while still watching portion control. Have you had Chicken Tangine? Spicy Chicken Khao Soi? What about Seared Barramundi with Herbed Cous Cous? Get yo flavor life right here.

4. Thunderbolt Axe Throwing

This place is bare bones axe-throwing awesomeness. Got aggressions? Need an interesting challenge? Want to tap into your inner woodsman/woman? Step on up and grab a blade!

5. Rebuild Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been suffering without continual electricity to their homes since Hurricane Maria touched ground on September 20, 2017. Donating funds to help the affected is painless and means the world to those being helped.

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