Nintendo @ GDC

Nintendo took the time during its presentation at the Game Developer Conference to announce a few new details for its 3DS handheld. On the gaming front, a new Mario game for 3DS was name-dropped with promises to reveal more as we near E3. The game is also said to have been created by the same team responsible for Mario Galaxy. Focusing on the 3DS hardware itself; Netflix integration was also announced in an update to the system set to release post-launch, as well as free access to 10,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots by late May.

Much like the Nintendo Wii, the 3DS will also receive its own Virtual Console Shop with access to games libraries from many older portable systems such as Game boy and Gameboy Color, Sega Game Gear, and the TurboGraphx-16 handheld. Much of the rest of Nintendo’s presentation focused on expanding the amount of game players in a somewhat crowded market, as well as the importance of ”must-have” games and quality content to stay successful in the current marketplace.

Source: Joystiq

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