Avengers Movie Tidbits

As we approach the juggernaut that is Marvel Studios/Disney’s Avengers, several items of note have come to light this week. These stories are spoiler free, unless you were under the impression that one of the heroes might die. If so, what’s wrong with you?

  • In an interview with The Playlist, Chris Evans states that “They may wait until 2014 until they release the next Cap. Marvel has a lot of balls in the air, they aren’t going to cannibalize their films.” He also details his agreement (three Cap and three Avengers movies).
  • Patty Jenkins (Entourage, Monster) is in talks to occupy the vacated director’s chair for Thor 2, reports Variety. This movie is scheduled for a July 26, 2013 release, and is being written by Don Payne who also wrote…umm…Fox’s “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.” May Odin have mercy on us.
  • Not to be outdone, the Avenger that started it all, Iron Man has a couple of tidbits. The third installment comes out May 3rd, 2013. Also, according to Latino Review, “it’s 90% likely that Iron Man’s next Avenger-less outing will be shot in the Port City of Wilmington, North Carolina.” Get your shaky-cams ready Wilmington.
  • Lastly, pre-alpha footage has surfaced of THQ’s cancelled Avengers game. According to 1up.com (via CBR), the ambitious first-person hero-er pits the titular heroes against the (movie villain or villains).
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