Darkness II Demo Impressions

Darkness II is the long-awaited follow-up to 2K Games’ 2007 title. Having picked up the original title in 2009, I’ve always felt like I’d waited too long, and I didn’t get as much enjoyment out of it as other gamers since many other Triple A titles had been released in that time frame. This time, I didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Unfortunately for me, there wasn’t much fun to be had.
The controls are mainly mapped to the top buttons, and take some getting used to. It’s understandable to a certain degree since Jackie can dual wield guns and he has his tentacle dealies to control as well. It almost seems like this game would benefit from its own controller or move support. Then again, that might have created a bigger train wreck.
Villains are a dime a dozen. I must have shot dudes in orange overalls at least fifty times. I don’t mind mowing down fields of baddies, but this got very redundent very quickly. I have demonic tentacles growing out of my back, and the best I can do is bust up a union meeting?
The game is dark. It’s not just dark in tone, but the majority of the time the screen is dark. The game even punishes you for walking under light sources. In fact, I found myself wasting more ammo on light fixtures than actual bad guys.
Those unfamiliar with the story featured in the comic book source material (like myself) may be a little lost jumping into the demo. Hopefully the full release does a better job of explaining why I should want to help Jackie Estacado feed Audrey 3 & 4 human hearts. (They’re not really called that, but what the heck?) Other games have done a great job making you want to be the bad guy. For instance, Jurassic Park for the Sega Genesis was a lot more fun to play as the raptor. The idea of The Darkness may be a little much as he’s not only a demon, but also a mob boss.
I feel like I would have enjoyed this game much more if I wasn’t forced into the first-person perspective. The Darkness is a very interestingly designed character, and it feels cheap that, even the second time around, we’ll be fighting as the character behind floaty arms. So far, the best thing about this game is the font. I’ll give the full game a try when it’s released February 9th.

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3 Responses to Darkness II Demo Impressions

  1. Eric says:

    So, from the sounds of it, you were extraordinarily impressed?

  2. Matt says:

    You know me so well, Eric!

  3. Eric says:

    Well, either way, I’m looking forward to it. Funny thing, really, I didn’t decide to finally play through the first one until I played the demo for this and had a blast. Sure, there were some flaws, and some of the game’s design aspects felt like relics from the last generation, but I thought it was still very enjoyable.

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