GCPD Episode #30, (The “And, We’re Back” Episode) Febuary 12, 2012

GCPD Season 2 Starts here! How can a podcast have a season premiere? We’re innovators, that’s how! It’s been a bit of a hiatus, but GCPD is back to bring you all the news, tomfoolery and absence of puppy dogs that you CRAVE. This episode is also brought to you via the magic of Skype, the number 10, and the good people at Mighty Ink Comics Worksh… I mean Entertainment! So strap on your seat belt, start your engines and let’s roll into Episode 30!

Topics Discussed this Episode:

& tons more! Don’t forget to stick around for the Supey Bats award after the break and our rundown of what we’ve been playing and reading since the last show.

Music Featured:  Riot Inside’s “Too Fast” From the new EP ’404′ Check out Riot Inside’s official site here.
Broke for Free’s
  “Night Owl”
which is available at the Free Music Archive.

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