Rocksteady’s Next Batman Game To Be a Prequel, Features Justice League

Trilogies rarely work out. Most would argue that the third installment in any franchise is usually the weakest. Everyone cross your fingers that this isn’t the case for Rocksteady’s “Batman: Arkham…” series. It was announced today, leading up to San Diego Comic Con, that the next installment in the series will focus on Batman’s adventures before even meeting The Joker. Rocksteady went on to mention that various members of the Justice League will be included as well. This announcement comes strangely close on the heels of Netherealms’ “Injustice: Gods Among Us” fighting game and shortly after the release of Lego Batman 2 which also heavily featured members of the JLA. It’s no secret that Warner Bros. is making a big push to get their properties front and center for a 2014 Justice League movie. Rocksteady’s new title will make its debut late 2013.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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