Breaking: Sony Announces the PS4, Here’s What We Know So Far


Sony wrapped up its press event tonight about the PS4 and it was quite an info drop. We still don’t have a look for the hardware or a price, but considerable time was spent detailing both the hardware and promises of the level of experiences that will be delivered with the latest PlayStation.

Here’s some of what we learned:

Release Date: Holiday 2013

System Specs:

The PS4 is powered by an 8-core 64 bit X86 CPU, Enhanced Radeon GPU,  and 8GB of unified GDDR5 RAM

The system will also boast 802.11n WiFi, USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 2.1, HDMI ports and a yet unspecified “spacious” Hard Drive, and legacy analog av ports

Dual Shock 4 Controller: 

-Built in touchpad
-Enhanced rumble
-Headphone jack
-front light panel to identify players
-Share button, instant sharing of video
-Works in conjunction with a new stereo camera peripheral

System Features:

-PS4 allows for some game experiences to be shared across tablets and phones
-The system can run digital titles as they’re being downloaded from the store.
-The system can hold game states in RAM to allow for the suspending games and resuming of games with little to no startup time.
-Connectivity with the Vita portable to play PS4 games through Remote Play streaming
-PS4 players can spectate friend’s game sessions as they’re playing
-Takes advantage of existing social networks to bring players together
-Partnership with Gaikai allows instant streaming trials of any game in PS store before purchase

Announced Games:

All that power and cool tech is nothing without some killer new software to back it up. Here’s the list of the PS4 games that were announced at the event.

A recap of the event can be seen here on the official U.S. Playstation site:
We’ll definately be keeping our ears to the ground for additional news on Sony’s newest console. With E3 just around the corner, we imagine it won’t be that long of a wait at all.


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