Amala’s Blade #0 Review (Dark Horse Comics)

Title: Amala’s Blade #0
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Written by: Steve Horton
Artwork: Michael Dialynas
Reviewed by: Meli Kirk
Rating: 4 out of 5

An assassin slips unnoticed onto a ship… well, not totally unnoticed… the monkey spotted her.

Amala is an assassin hired by the Vizer to kill the captain of the ship. She’s haunted by the ghost of her father, whom she was forced to kill to stay alive. His spirit follows her, and tends to disturb her at the most inopportune times… constantly reminding her of avoiding her destiny of becoming the great spiritual leader who would unite the lands and end the war to become the greatest assassin in the land.

The illustrations, while drawn well, lack a lot of detail. Some more blood splatter & bits of brain would have made some of the gunshot panels pop; it’s even a “superhero kick” panel on one page. The color scheme works well for the scene – a dark night above a ship out at sea. All in all, not a bad beginning to a story line I won’t mind following as it progresses: I mean, who wouldn’t want to read about a female assassin?!

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