The Walking Dead: Season One Retrospective

Title: The Walking Dead: Season One
Platform: Steam (Reviewed), iOS, XBox 360, Playstation 3
Publisher & Developer: Telltale Games
Rating: [5 out of 5]
Review by: Gadget Girl of Lollipop Geek

If It Aint Broke… Add Walkers

Do you remember the days of old, where you chose your own adventure? Telltale Games has taken an older way of gaming and given it a new attitude. The series The Walking Dead has been captured in a multi-platform video game that puts you in the middle of life or death choices that will affect your overall game play. How well will you handle yourself when you are in a life or death situation with walkers?

As I played through, I began to feel incredibly nostalgic. The game play gives the gamer a series of choices that lead the character Lee in and out of trouble. You are given a mission to keep a little 10 year-old girl Clementine safe. During this stage of the game you are unsure of the status of her parents, but are pretty sure they are no longer of the non-flesh eating variety. You need to make decisions that will keep you and Clementine alive.

Overall the game is fun. It is also easy to adjust to the controls. I played the game on both the PC and the iPad and believe controls are split. Some of the game play is better played with a touch screen, but the PC version is easy to pick up on. Overall, Telltale has made a solid game that any fan of The Walking Dead would be proud of. They have truly captured the feel of the comic with cell shaded graphics that fit perfectly. Don’t miss out and get your copy. You won’t be disappointed.

Keep your eyes out for when we review Telltale’s Episode 2 of The Walking Dead Game, and their upcoming game Tales from the Borderlands.

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Thanks to Telltale Games for providing with a copy of the game for review purposes.

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