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Love, Music, and Joy: The Story of Core Demo

It was the end of 2011 when my mom confided in my brother and I that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She knew months before, but kept it a secret because she didn’t want to put a damper on … Continue reading

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Geeks Gotta Have It! Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister

Unfortunately, scientists have not discovered a way to breed friendly, pocket-sized dragons. I know, I’m heart broken as well. Until then, the folks over at ThinkGeek have provided a “Game of Thrones” themed cannister in order to provide a friendly … Continue reading

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Spidey Week Round-Up

Since today sees the release of Amazing Spider-Man #700, no time like the present to check out our Spidey Week features from last week. (We understand that you were busy holiday shopping. We forgive you.) As we count down our … Continue reading

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Iron Spider by Archie Easter (Spidey Week)

Origin: Marvel’s Civil War took a huge toll on every superhero involved. Friends fought friend, family fought family, and alliances were established that no one thought they’d ever see. Arguably, the biggest moment that took place during the story line … Continue reading

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