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Cast A Day 2017 #12: Matt and Jonsey’s Day Off

Sometimes, you just need to take a break. Thankfully, I had a chance to take a break with a good friend of mine, Jonsey! Listen as we ramble on about cartoons, C2E2, more axe throwing, and we yell at other … Continue reading

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C2E2 2017 In Pictures

Another year, another C2E2 is in the books. This time around, Ace Photographer Jonesy and the ever-lovin’ brown-eyed Matt “Oh God, My Back” Peters teamed up with Chicago Nerd Social Club to deliver the best shots from the show floor. … Continue reading

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C2E2 Artist Spotlight: Geo Gant

Geo Gant is one of the hardest working artists in Chicago. His work exudes such emotion and joy, it’s hard NOT to smile while reading his webcomic (The Reset Button) even before reaching the punchline. Geo is coming to C2E2 … Continue reading

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GCPD Episode #40 (The New DLC Episode) April 9th, 2016

It’s not a trick! It’s not a late April Fool’s day prank! We’re BACK for Episode 40 of GCPD! It’s been quite a while since our last episode, but we do our very best to make up for lost time. Not … Continue reading

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Artist Spotlight: Justin Peterson

One of my favorite artists of C2E2 was Florida native Justin Peterson! His original comic series Very Near Mint is a brilliantly drawn and hilarious must read indie book. The first three volumes of the series are available on his website, … Continue reading

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Time With My Tribe (C2E2 2016)

This morning I was talking to my brother about the desire to fit in and find a place where you belong. The conversation was sparked by my desire to start a bowling team called “Bowl For Souls” (as my brother … Continue reading

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The Geek Show Takes Over C2E2 (With A Special Guest!)

The mutual respect between VStheUNIVERSE and Mighty Ink is that of legend. What better place for two titans of geekdom to team up than Chicago’s annual C2E2 event? …but seriously, Aaron and Matt decided to have a little fun and … Continue reading

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Giving Blood at a Convention: A Lesson in Good Intentions (C2E2 2016)

This year, ReedPOP’s C2E2 event excluded the usual tattoo artist area and instead allowed attendees to be prodded with needles for a good cause: blood donation. Our very own convention photographer, Jennifer Jones, answered the call and had a unique … Continue reading

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TONIGHT: Raks Geek Brings Bellydance & Fire To Uptown

Do your plans for this evening include seeing a shimmying Wookie, a dancing Mario, and flames spun into elegant patterns of fury and destruction? They should now! Raks Geek has consistently infused nerdy fun into their performances with homages to … Continue reading

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C2E2: The Insidious Experience “Into The Further”

While attending C2E2 this year, the Mighty Ink Team got to partake in the Insidious Experience, which was there to promote the upcoming Insidious 3. As a horror movie fanatic, you know I was ready… or at least I thought … Continue reading

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