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TONIGHT: Raks Geek Brings Bellydance & Fire To Uptown

Do your plans for this evening include seeing a shimmying Wookie, a dancing Mario, and flames spun into elegant patterns of fury and destruction? They should now! Raks Geek has consistently infused nerdy fun into their performances with homages to … Continue reading

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Cast A Day #4: My Cast A Day With Robert

It’s always a joy to catch up with an old friend. Robert Hall is someone I’ve known for a very long time, and when I say he’s passionate about comics and video games, that may very well be the understatement … Continue reading

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GCPD Episode #38 (The Guardians of the Gamin’ Episode) August 5th, 2014

You know how in the last episode we went spoiler free? Well forget that noise, cause’ spoilers abound in episode 38 of GCPD. Jump in as we dish the dirt on what we’ve been watching (spoiler: Guardians of the Galaxy) … Continue reading

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Geeks Gotta Have It: Massive Cosplay Titan Sword

Designed to resemble the weapon of (ahem) a certain character’s final fantasy, the Massive Cosplay Titan Sword is huge! At five feet long, it even requires that you say it’s full name like you would “A Tribe Called Quest.” To … Continue reading

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