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Spidey Week Round-Up

Since today sees the release of Amazing Spider-Man #700, no time like the present to check out our Spidey Week features from last week. (We understand that you were busy holiday shopping. We forgive you.) As we count down our … Continue reading

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Worst 5 Spider-Man Villains (Spidey Week)

For every unforgettable Spider-Man foe, there’s one that are better left to remain fuzzy memories of the past. Extremely fuzzy memories. Here are some of our least favorites. Let us know who we left out in the comment section!

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Top Spider-Man Tie-In Products (Spidey Week)

There are several things that can bring a genuine smile to a child’s face, and the signature webbing and red and blue colors of Spider-Man’s costume are among them. Imagine getting the opportunity to feel like you’re stepping in the … Continue reading

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A Little Venom for Spider-Man (Spidey Week)

Bill Jones, writer extraordinaire and genre enthusiast gives us his take on the iconic character that is Spider-Man. When Matt Peters sent me a text last week asking if I wanted to write something to contribute to Mighty Ink Comics … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 2099 by Joe Martin (Spidey Week)

Origin: Marvel 2099 was a project spearheaded by Stan Lee & John Byrne. The idea was for top creators at the time to give their take on how the legacy of today’s heroes will influence the world of 2099. Peter … Continue reading

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Top 5 Spider-Man Villains (Spidey Week)

What’s a good hero without a compelling villain? After so many adventures, Spider-Man has racked up a rogues gallery big enough to rival that of Batman and The Flash combined. With so many evil doers attacking at once, it’s incredible … Continue reading

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Iron Spider by Archie Easter (Spidey Week)

Origin: Marvel’s Civil War took a huge toll on every superhero involved. Friends fought friend, family fought family, and alliances were established that no one thought they’d ever see. Arguably, the biggest moment that took place during the story line … Continue reading

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Spider-Man by Aaron Ray (Spidey Week)

As we continue Spidey Week, we would like to send all the fine folks from Marvel a special note from all of us here at Mighty Ink. Thanks for all of the great stories (yes, even those!) over the years, … Continue reading

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“I’ve got you now, Mr. President!” (Spidey Week)

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Man-Spider by Michael Peters (Spidey Week)

Origin: After years of having spider-like powers with none of the side-effects, Peter Parker awakens one day to discover he has six arms! Variations of this story line have been told throughout the years in the pages of the various … Continue reading

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