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Mario Journeys Across the Country to Celebrate the Launch of Super Mario Odyssey

Get ready! Soon, Mario will be making his Odyssey to your town. Much like the Rickmobile before it, Nintendo will be hauling a promotional Super Mario Odyssey trailer around the country to promote the new game debuting soon for Nintendo’s … Continue reading

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TONIGHT: Raks Geek Brings Bellydance & Fire To Uptown

Do your plans for this evening include seeing a shimmying Wookie, a dancing Mario, and flames spun into elegant patterns of fury and destruction? They should now! Raks Geek has consistently infused nerdy fun into their performances with homages to … Continue reading

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Geeks Gotta Have It! Super Mario Bros. Reversible Backpack

Whether you’re looking for something for your kids to lug their school books around in or need a place to stash your classic games collection, this reversible Super Mario Bros. backpack will do the trick. One side features the beginning … Continue reading

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Geeks Gotta Have It – Thwomp Throw Pillow

The ultimate weapon for any pillow fight, the Thwomp throw pillow even looks nice sitting on the couch during peacetime. Deceptively soft and super-plush, this Mario foe will provide the inspiration to lay a proper smackdown upon your opponent. Amazon.com

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Mario Warfare Kickstarter Project

Production company Beat Down Boogie must be comprised of some hardcore Mario fans that want the franchise to mature whether it’s ready or not. Check out their first vid, and if you’re so inclined, contribute to their Kickstarter to see … Continue reading

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