About Us

Mighty Ink Comics was a project started in 2002 between friends Matthew Peters and Archie Easter. They wanted to make their own comics featuring the kinds of characters they weren’t seeing in mainstream books. Since Matthew had no artistic ability outside of drawing stick men (which was fine by him, but probably wouldn’t sell books), they decided to recruit a local artist named Raymond Jackson to help us out. After four issues of a self-published book, Arsinal, they decided to focus on other projects.

After realizing that their careers were taking them in different directions, they decided to dedicate time to talk about comic and video game projects that they found interesting. They figured it wouldn’t hurt to turn it into a podcast, so it became GCPD: The Games, Comics, and Puppy Dogs Podcast. Silly title, but people smile when they hear it for the first time. They enjoyed doing it so much that the Mighty Ink website evolved into a news outlet, so was born the re-branded Mighty Ink Comics & Entertainment!

Matt Peters

Enthusiast of all things mighty, Matt Peters has been a voice in the industry for over a decade. Contributing to various media outlets both print and digital, he is Editor-in-Chief of Mighty Ink Comics & Entertainment, co-host of GCPD: The Games, Comics, and Puppy Dogs Podcast and host of the brand new Since Last We Spoke podcast. His favorite color is orange, and he’s fond of the number “13.”


Archie Easter

Artist and self-proclaimed guru of gaming, Archie is the co-founder of Mighty Ink and the GCPD podcast as well as go-to guy for all things tech. When he’s not knee deep in the Photoshops or saving the universe from behind a game controller, he’s heading into epic battles and blowing things up with sophisticated high tech weaponry and weapon enabled battle armor suits. Well, maybe not so much that last part… Yet.



Jennifer Jones

Jonsey is our sci-fi expert and photographer extraordinaire. When she’s not teaching, belly dancing, or teaching belly dancing, she’s snapping pics at conventions for our site and social media outlets.



Lex Lutz


The newest member of our ragtag band of misfits, Alexis Lutz brings a lifetime of movie and television knowledge to Mighty Ink. As a burgeoning creator herself, she offers a unique perspective of entertainment from both behind and in front of the camera.